For new camera owners !

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It is always exciting to get your hands on new photographic equipments. I’m hoping to provide some tips that may be helpful for other photographers out there ! (being as one of camera – lovers)


What does matter the MOST in Photography ?

This could make people think “the most important thing in photography is a good camera!”. Well, having a nice camera and lenses can improve the end result, but it isn’t always the first reason that matters. Looking back at my experiences with photography and cameras, the most important element is the LIGHT !! Some say photography is an art drawn with the light. Light gives different feelings and sensations to photographs depending on many factors. Therefore, prepared photographers know how to utilise the available light or even add more lights in photographs !!


Settings : ISO? Shutter Speed? Aperture? 

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In a simple way; ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture are all related to the exposure of the photos. Eg) High ISO ➤ Bright image
Slow shutter speed ➤ Bright image
Low aperture ➤ Bright image.
These are the basic concepts you can apply when taking photographs!

However, their main roles are a lot more important and complicated.
► Aperture – Depth of Field
There are designated aperture value depending on lenses (You probably seen F00 written on the lenses). Lower the F value, brighter lens it is. It is tend to be expensive with lower F number. This value is important in deciding depth of field in the photographs. Lets have a look at example images below :

Narrow depth of field = Low Aperture (F) value
Wide depth of field = Higher Aperture (F) value

As we can see, less area is in focus on the first image and most area is in focus on the second image.

► Shutter speed – is object moving ? how fast?
It is essential to know how shutter speed on camera work when you are shooting objects that are moving (car, people, animals, etc) !! Incorrect shutter speed setting will result in blurry image.

Slow shutter speed
Fast shutter speed

Both of these cars were moving at about the same speed. Comparing both images we can acknowledge fast shutter speed pauses objects while slow shutter speed doesn’t. However, using slow shutter speed can sometimes result in interesting and cool images !

IMG_0106Here is the photograph of moving car, leaving its trail of light captured using slow shutter speed.

► ISO – Level of sensitivity
In basic terms, ISO is level of sensitivity of the camera to available lights. It is often increased in area where light sources are relatively limited (night time, indoor, etc). However, if ISO is increased too much, images will have grain/noise shown. ISO-200-and-ISO-3200.jpg
Image with ISO 3200 doesn’t look very nice and clean compared to ISO 200 image. Hence, in order to keep the quality of images, it is best to keep the ISO as low as possible. However, some photographs involve artificially created or increased ISO to give vintage look. (Auto ISO is very helpful when you’re not sure and it’s not a newbie setting!)

Taking photograph is all about photographer’s intention and creativity. There isn’t right or wrong answer in the image, but these are the basic knowledge that are helpful for photographers. The best way to improve your photography level is to shoot images often!!





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