Thoughts on analogue photography

You have to be careful when rewinding a film..


Rundle mall


Cahave Café
Grenfell street
Burnside Village

People say camera industries are going down hill. Camera has been developing in different forms as well as the method of producing photographs (Film camera -> Digital Camera -> Smartphone cameras). As the technology has developed a LOT, everyone with decent digital cameras or smartphones nowadays can produce high quality images. I think photography has become part of human being as it is accessible with a tip of finger. When I was about 13 or 14, my parents bought a family camera which was Olympus digital camera, with about 4 point something megapixels and I was amazed with its performance. Time flies. I found that old camera in my parents’ room one day (I think it was around 2008) and realised my little Samsung 3G phone had higher megapixels than the digital camera. I was shocked again.

Anyways, the point I want to share is ‘What are the reasons to shoot photographs with old film camera?’. The first time I was hooked into film camera was my role model photographer started shooting in film camera. Back then, I wanted everything that he uses and started researching in Analogue world. Then I was walking around in central market and I stopped in front of glass shelf, full of old, tacky film cameras. Then I realised they were waaay cheaper than digital cameras (1/10 of their price). So I thought “Hey! I can afford one of this even though I’m poor uni student !” then I found myself typing my PIN number on EFTPOS machine, with Canon AT – 1 around my neck. I was happy and thought it would improve my photography game. It didn’t take long for me to realise, handling film camera isn’t easy. It was heavy, hard to focus, everything is manual and actually costs a lot (developing film, scanning and etc)! But I didn’t give up simply because I was in love with the sound of 50 years old shutter (Also the results weren’t that bad!).

I think taking picture with whatever equipment, has got the meanings to them. I love taking film and digital for different reasons. There are pros and cons with both types of camera and it will definitely bring something to the shutter pressers.

and lastly..




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