Digital Platform Design Report

Concept and Overview

The main purpose of the website is to showcase the photography works to the audiences. The websites involve wide range of categorized photographs including still life, portraitures, landscape and lifestyle produced in two different photographic methods; Digital photography & Analogue/film photography. The website proposal was aiming to exhibit images from events such as weddings and private parties. However, those images are appeared to be more appropriate in promoting business. As a result, the website consists not only photographs, but the equipment information and several photography tips.

The target audiences of the website would be people who have interests in photography, without any particular range of age. Audiences mainly looking for inspirations and ideas regarding to photography as well as several advises on producing certain types of photography. Also, the website involves equipment reviews and example images. Hence, attracting audiences that are seeking information on certain photographic equipment is viable through providing photographer’s perspective on certain equipment that are reviewed through the website.

Background researching of other photography website, it was relatively hard to discover the ones with variety of contents. The websites that are well known in photographic industries tend to involve their images only. Therefore, Memento Images website can be seen quite unique, as contents and elements are fresh to the audiences.

Visual Communication and Design

In order to share and showcase the photographs on the website, is to create a platform that could help the viewers to focus on the image. Hence, the simple and accessible design was appeared to be ideal to achieve provide needs of audiences.

Main page photo
Main Page

The image above is shown on the main page of the website, which is the first page of a website, where audiences will be seeing. There are 5 images and 1 logo image that are visually showing the original intention and purpose of the website.

Logo picture involves illustrate of vintage camera and website title in simple text. The intention of vintage camera is to create relationship between the name ‘Memento’ and images. The dictionary meaning of the memento is an object kept as a reminder of a certain moment or person, which is representing past event or object. Hence, the vintage camera was decided to be used as a symbol, since it could be represented as a totem to remind past, by photographing. The rest of images were used to show the categories of the photographs on the website. Therefore, audiences could acknowledge the concept and purpose of the website quite effectively.

Moreover, the images of each post are presented in blog – type design, which is aligning images in a column. Based on research of other photographers’ website, they have presented images in numerous ways such as slideshows, grids and so on. However, inserting images in a column or one image per page was the most common and ideal to be focusing on images. As a website with the purpose of showcasing the photography works, the design used would be perfect for audiences who are seeking inspiration and variety of photographs.

User Interface Design

The over layout of the website consists very simple design and divided sections in order to showcase the photographs. This enables audiences to be concentrating on seeing photographs, without much distraction and scattered vision.

The menu bar is located on the top of the website, where audiences can access quite easily, depending on their individual interests. Each categorised menu is designed direct audience with one simple click.

Menu Image

As a same purpose, on the right hand side of the website involves icons of other social platforms, which will direct audiences to. This will lead to better interaction with the visitors through multiple social network services. Also, the drop down menu button is located under the social platform menu, enabling visitors to navigate other menus without causing much scrolling. Hence, audiences can navigate through the website quite efficiently.

SNS Image

Below the drop down menu, there is a Recent Posts menu, which consists 7 of latest posts that has been added to the website. It is a helpful tool for audience to recognise recent articles at glance, to be updated. This will lead audiences to be acknowledge the characteristics, elements and theme of contents of the website.

Recent Posts

On the other hand, each posts involves multiple images and short descriptions, as well as perspectives as a photographer, depending on the theme and concept of images.

Post 1Post 2

The screenshots of the posts above, shows the image and the location. By providing information on location, audiences can feel what kind of sensation and emotion can be given through photographs of places.

User Experience Design across Digital Platforms

The website is connected to number of other digital platforms in order to bridge the website with the social network services users. Digital platforms used are as follow; Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Each digital platform is mainly used to interact with the population, since the numbers of users are exceedingly larger compared to WordPress users. Hence, effective utilisation of digital platforms can attract visitors, resulting in more visits to the website.

Tumblr Link

As shown on image above, each digital platform has been linked directly to the website. This strategy can result in greater number of visits to the website.

Insta ad
Twitter ad

Moreover, the advantage of linking website through other digital platforms is that the address of the website can be mentioned. Through uploading few images on the digital platforms, images could be advertised through using ‘hash tags’. Hence, any users on the social network services can navigate the images by searching hash tags, which will preview the image then directed to the website. Therefore, effective use of hash tags on social network services can attract the audiences and visitors.

The images used on the digital platforms are working as a preview of the website. Hence, audiences are able to view the concept and theme of the website. It is possible to attract them to visit the website by using interesting images and captions on the digital platforms.

Audience Metrics

Through using statistics tool on website and other digital platform, it is possible to analyse how audiences are viewing the posts and interacting with them by comment or like.

Stat wordpress
Wordpress visit

According to the daily statistics gathered from the website, audiences have viewed the post that has been posted on the same day. This may have been resulted from having ‘Recent Post’ widget on the website. Also, using ‘tags’ on the posts has effectively attracted audiences. Being a photography showcasing website, the tag ‘Photography’ has worked most effectively as shown on the statistics.

Tag stats

On the other hand, the A/B testing was conducted through the Instagram and showed quite interesting result. There were two images produced with different methods (film/digital) and audiences were more interested in Film photography.

AB testing 2AB testing 1

But on the website, there are more interaction with audiences through digital photography posts. Through analysing on this matter, digital photography has more elements that is appealing to the audiences. This may have caused by the fact that analogue photography shown on the website does not have specific themes or concepts. They were posted to show audiences that film photography could be as interesting as digital photography even though they are aged. But the digital photography posts have specific types and categories, which have attracted audiences. Therefore, in order to increase the interaction with the audiences in analogue photography posts, there should be specific themes of the photographs.

Future Directions and Development

In order to maintain or increase the number of visitors and views on the website, contents and categories of the photographs should be broaden. Hence, there will be more information on equipment and photographic advices for audiences, as well as digital and analogue photographs. As the website will consist more posts, hence more images, there will be innovative and accessible lay out of the website, where audiences can access the older posts without difficulties. Therefore, the website will be involving timeline of the posts, which will increase the expediency.

Also, as statistics and A/B testing suggest, the analogue photography will be having specific set of categories and concepts, rather than involving images by film rolls.

Moreover, the website could extend its purpose toward promoting the photography business. As the website is already involving the photographs, audiences who are seeking for photographer for their instance could use the service, such as weddings, modeling portfolios, product shots and events.